“I believe life has meaning and purpose. I believe that each of us has an unlimited capacity to achieve our greatest dreams… to realize our full potential.”
Greg Pestinger​

My Vision

I see a world where tomorrow is always better than today. A world without limit to human potential and happiness. A world that “where you come from” has nothing to do with “where you can go.” I see a world where anything is possible when people come together and do the work. I see a world where I play a significant role in making it so.

My Mission

To change the world one person at a time by inspiring them to believe in themselves, take action and to never ever give up on themselves or their ability to achieve greatness.



I believe that a life well-lived is learning in and of itself and requires an open mind to achieve it. To be curious is to lead a life of creativity, continuous learning and optimism.

Creativity: I inspire creativity in self and others. I believe that ordinary teams with a passion to find innovative solutions, can achieve extraordinary things through respect for diversity and an ability to capitalize on collective experiences.

Wisdom: I search out continuous learning and self-improvement opportunities. I believe that wisdom is achieved through never ending personal development and an open mind to every life experience. I have a passion to Coach, Teach, Mentor and Help others and in so doing I grow and learn myself.

Optimism: I believe that anything is possible. That dreaming big, believing in yourself and committing to do the work will result in unimagined success. I believe that with planning, courage to take risk, perseverance, and discipline that anything is possible.


I believe all things are possible by facing your fears and getting out of your own way to realize success. To be courageous is to lead a life of virtue, diligence and self-confidence.

Virtue: I am trust worthy and keep all relationships honest. I behave with decency, avoid cynicism and do not use others. I am selfless and do good deeds for others. I do what I say I will do. I live with integrity even when my position is not popular.

Diligence: I pursue excellence in all its forms. I am engaged and work hard at all that I do. I believe that if you’re not making mistakes along the way, you’re not trying hard enough. I believe that accountability for results builds confidence and lets others know that what “they do” maters.


I believe that we have a responsibility to each other. To be compassionate is to lead a life committed to servant leadership, community and brotherly love.

Servant Leadership: I have high moral character, quality of actions and integrity of intent. I have the confidence to stand alone, the courage to make tough decisions and the compassion to listen to the needs of others. I believe that each of us has a unique and god given purpose to serve others.

Community: I am in business to make a profit to provide for my family, my clients and my community. I believe that offering a “hand up” always gives more back than a “hand out”. I am inspired by those I help, and they are inspired by me.

Brotherly Love: I am a true friend. I have your back. I intervene when you lose your way. I help those in need.

reach your goals

I’ve coached and trained countless professionals and business owners over the years to clarify their goals, execute and adapt more effectively, build high performance teams and develop the strategies that helped them achieve their dreams faster and better than they could on their own.

Now is the time to realize your full potential