TriMetrix Assessment


Are you looking for deep insight into what drives you? Do you want to bring light to where your emotional strengths and weaknesses are? Are you looking for insights to push you to the next level?

The TriMetrix EQ assessment is the most complex and insightful assessment we offer. This assessment dives deep into your driving forces and how they impact your ability to perform, your emotional intelligence and how you rank in 5 key areas, and insights into your behaviors and how those mesh with the people around you. TriMetrix EQ provides deep understanding to what makes you unique and how to leverage those characteristics to reach the next level.

When you purchase the assessment you will receive:

  • Immediately an email with a link to the assessment
  • Once the assessment is completed you will immediately be your results in a detailed report


What the report includes:

  • Insights into your driving forces and how they impact your skills
  • Details on your unique behavior and how to harness those to your advantage
  • Key points to understand your emotional intelligence strength and weaknesses
  • A ranking in the 5 key areas of Emotional Intelligence: Self-awareness, Self-regulation, Motivation, Social-awareness, Social-regulation
  • A ranking in your key drivings forces and behaviors
  • A ranking in the 4 key areas of behavior: dominance, influence, steadiness, and compliance
  • Comparison to the general population
  • Actions to take to perform at your best based on your driving forces, key behaviors, and emotional intelligence


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