Greg Pestinger

Lead Vision Officer and Founder

Greg Pestinger is a performance coach, experienced trainer, mentor, author and speaker who works with high performing individuals and business leaders to identify their authentic selves, build their unique brand, identify their passion and lead a life of meaning and purpose. In short, he utilizes simple tools and strategies to help them realize their full potential quicker than they could on their own.

Jon Salmen

Business Development & Innovation Associate

Jon Salmen is a student of Psychology, graduating in 2020 with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology. An avid reader, Jon applies everything he learns to serve as a benefactor in any organization he works with. Jon has delivered hour long speeches and led workshops and works closely with his fraternity developing mindset, time management skills, and other valuable lessons for the young men with whom he interacts. 

JAKE Bension

Manager of Community and Connection

Jake comes to P3 with a Bachelor of Science in Marketing and Entrepreneurship from the University of Louisville. He is beginning his journey to acquire a Master of Science in Performance Psychology to continue his education and the impact he is able to have on everyone he interacts with.  He spends most of his time outside of work mentoring the organizations that have contributed most to his development.

Donna Pestinger

Director Marketing Services

Donna manages all relationships with various associations and networking groups. She also maintains our social media content, and keeps the office running efficiently.

Achieve your greatest dreams

I’ve coached and trained countless professionals and business owners over the years to clarify their goals, execute and adapt more effectively, build high performance teams and develop the strategies that helped them achieve their dreams faster and better than they could on their own.

Now is the time to realize your full potential